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Where modern technology, genuine care and traditional values merge.


The De La Pena Dental Group provides general, cosmetic and orthodontic treatments to patients of all ages.

     We boast of genuine care and treatment plans that make sense at a very reasonable cost.

     Patients are informed of the risks, benefits and alternatives of every procedure. No surprises!

     The latest in technology (hydrolaser, digital x-rays, Kodak Intraoral cameras, photospectrometer etc.) is applied where it is needed for optimum results regardless of insurance coverage.

     OSHA Sterilization and disinfection protocols are strictly observed. Disposables are used as much as possible, what can't be disposed off is sterilized, what can't be sterilized is disinfected. Emphasis is placed on cleanliness and patients go home with peace of mind.     

     Our water delivery unit utilizes a filtration system that is used by NASA for all manned space flights since 1976. In addition to this, we also drop safe and effective anti-microbial tablets in our delivery unit water bottles.

     The practice believes in the importance of protecting and preserving the environment for our children and our children's children. Used solutions are not disposed off in the sink. These instead are picked up and recycled by licensed professionals.

     We also offer a wide array of cosmetic options including cosmetic teeth whitening, no preparation "contact lens-thin" veneers and clear braces.

     So, if you had enough of the average... it's time to skip "better", you owe it to yourself!

The De La Pena Dental Group also operates a school for Dental Assisting.
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